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Care Engagement Coordinator乐享棋牌官网给抓了

Shannon is a serious ham.  After thoughtful consideration, we believe that has something to do with the fact that she is Canadian.  We are not sure why Canada produces such great comedians, but they do, eh?  Shannon also has a huge heart and brings depth to her role as one of our Seattle care coordinators.  She has a social work degree from the University of Manitoba and years of experience working with people on the margins.

Shannon recently instigated a revolt against the American tradition of book clubs and instead is a card-carrying member (ask her to see it) of Food Club.  She and her husband Dave have two adult children and live in Federal Way.  She “collects” friends, loves jazz, and isn’t ashamed to admit she is a sucker for fruity ‘frufru’ cocktails.  She also goes by the rapper name Shanilla.


(206) 765-7589


Seattle Team怎么下载真人斗牛游戏


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